Last week, Artistic Director Amanda Kellock participated in a workshop of a new opera based on shakespeare’s’s Much Ado About Nothing (by Patrick Hansen and James Garner) as part of a wonderful symposium at McGill on how Opera training is evolving.

This workshop was part of an ongoing development of the new opera Much Ado! By Patrick Hansen and James Garner. The new opera was co-commissioned by Opera McGill and the Early Modern Conversions Project, and they have been engaged in a long-term development process working on one or two scenes at a time and workshopping them with musicians, opera singers, academics and Shakespearean theatre-makers (like me!) at each stage. We showcased excerpts from the opera-in-progress as part of Opera McGill’s symposium called Opera’s Changing Worlds –  which was in itself a very exciting event:

The original workshop in London last year was a really exciting experience (myself and Quincy Armorer participated in June of 2017)  I was brought on in both instances as a director (and actor) of Shakespeare to participate in the workshops and to direct the excerpts.
New Opera is not usually workshopped in this way, so it has been a process that has been very enriching for everyone involved, and it also created a great deal of buzz at the symposium – people across the country are excited for the next stages of development! And so am I!