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Michelle Rambharose and Shauna Thompson | © Studio Baron Photography

Founded in 1988, Montreal’s Repercussion Theatre is best known for its annual Shakespeare-in-the-Park  summer tour. As a professional theatre company and non-profit arts organization, our core values are artistic excellence, social relevance and accessibility.

Mission: Repercussion Theatre’s mission is to deliver professional, classically based, visually dynamic theatre that is accessible to all, regardless of income, culture, language, age or education.

“We don’t just present Shakespeare’s plays – we enter into dialogue with them. Just as William Shakespeare used the theatre as a way to ‘hold a mirror up to nature’, we seek to explore the major issues of our time through the work we create. So why Shakespeare? He asks some deeply important questions in sublimely subtle ways. His intelligence, humanity and imagination are endless sources of inspiration. As a creative partner, he’s without equal.”
Amanda Kellock | Artistic Director

Shakespeare-in-the-Park and Beyond…


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On the Road

Repercussion Theatre has toured professional productions of Shakespeare’s plays to parks throughout Montreal and beyond for 30 years. Our productions are performed in the open air. Our venue is the community park. Our theatre, including the stage, lights and sound equipment, can be set up and torn down the day of the show. Our audiences arrive at their local park with lawn chairs and blankets, ready to enjoy Shakespeare under the stars. They can make a donation, or enjoy the show free of charge. Over 12,000 people see our shows each summer.

Theatre masks with lines moving upwards


Launching Careers

Shakespeare-in-the-Park has helped more than 450 actors, designers and technicians establish their careers in the theatre. That first professional experience is so vital to one’s development, and Repercussion’s commitment to mentorship allows emerging and established practitioners to learn from each other.

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Love of Learning

Children and teens do more than just watch our productions. Through ongoing and ever-evolving activities, many of our younger patrons are given opportunities to engage directly with our productions. Theses opportunities for youth promote a lifelong love of language and the arts, and encourage creativity, compassion and cooperation.

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Mentorship and Community-Building

Repercussion Theatre is committed to reflecting the artistic and cultural richness of Montreal, a community that prides itself on diversity. Our performances explore this dynamic city’s multi-lingual and multi-cultural identity – and exploration that is central to our ability to understand one another as citizens and neighbours. Between Shakespeare’s poetic investigation of what it means to be human and our contemporary stagings of his work, we invite our audiences to contemplate the role of the arts in their lives, to value difference, and to engage in community-building together.

Repercussion Theatre also offers professional and educational workshops, and partners with other companies in creating/curating events.

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Gender Parity and Cultural Representation

After our all-female production of Julius Caesar in 2016, we committed to ensuring our Shakespeare-in-the-Park artistic team (directors, designers and actors) will be comprised of at least 50% women each summer.  Cultural diversity has been an unspoken part of our DNA from the beginning, but now we are saying aloud that we are committed to presenting the cultural diversity of Montreal’s communities on our stage. This isn’t simply a question of “color-blind-casting”, this is about bringing a plurality of voices into the room to engage with and affect how we interpret and present Shakespeare’s plays.

Repercussion has visited:

Repercussion Theatre

Westmount Park

Parc Jarry

Centre communautaire Fritz

Beaconsfield High School

Parc Centennial

Parc Sorbonne

Agora citoyenne, Ville de Chateauguay

Parc Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Parc Rembrandt

Parc Centenaire William Cosgrove

Parc Pine Beach

Reford Gardens

Centre Récréatif Hemmingford

Parc Thompson

Grove Hall

Parc de West Vancouver

Parc Ecclestone

Plage Douglass

Three Bares Park, McGill University

Parc Basler

Mount Royal, Behind the Chalet

Cimetière Mont-Royal

Parc Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Parc Howard

Théàtre de Verdure, Parc La Fontaine

Parc À-Ma-Baie

Parc Jeanne-Mance

Parc de la Francophonie

Parc de la Petite-Italie

Parc du Lac du Village

Parc Philippe-Laheurte

Parc Senneville

Parc de l’Honorable-George-O’Reilly

Canadian Centre for Architecture

Square Cabot

Parc Lamoureux

Knowlton Academy

Parc Danyluk

Parc Benny

Mcgill University

Parc Armand-Bombardier, Rivière-des-Prairies

Parc Empire, Greenfield Park

Parc des Rapides, LaSalle, QC

Lamoureux Park, Cornwall, ON

Place des pionniers, Hawkesbury, ON

Hodgson Field, Montreal-Ouest