Respectful Workplace Policy & Statement


Our Respectful Workplace Policy is currently undergoing a process of review, given that Repercussion Theatre now works with an Ombudservice.
The most recent iteration of the RWP (updated February, 2021) can be found below.

If you are interested in learning more about Omega Ombudservice and Ombudsperson Caroline Lemay, please click here.

If you would like to read Repercussion’s “Respectful Workplace Statement”, pleace click here.

If you have experienced sexual harassment or are looking for support or guidance, here are some resources that we hope may prove helpful:

Repercussion Theatre believes in work that engages – not erodes – our humanity

As we watch the allegations of sexual misconduct emerging across Quebec, and as we follow the evolving investigation of a member from our company’s past, we want to make sure that we state clearly what we believe and how we choose to approach the work we do.

We believe that women deserve to live and work in an environment that doesn’t threaten their body or erode their humanity. We believe all people deserve that. We know that theatre (and the arts in general) requires us to be vulnerable and to take risks, meaning that there needs to be a deep sense of trust and respect in order for that to be possible. When that sense of trust and respect is broken, it is devastating – and too many talented people leave our industry because they are forced to choose between a profession they love and their dignity.

But artists shouldn’t have to choose between getting work and their sense of self-worth. Because while the work we do in the arts requires that we be open and vulnerable, the industry (in its current incarnation) seems to demand that we all develop impossibly thick skin. We believe that doesn’t have to be the way. We believe it’s possible to create impactful work and honour everyone’s humanity. In fact, we think it makes for better art. We believe that people are able to do their best work when they feel safe enough to be brave, supported enough to take risks. We believe in work that engages – not erodes – our humanity.

We strive, more than anything, to always create an environment where those who work with us feel they are able to be their fullest selves. We aren’t always perfect, but we are constantly trying to be better. We adhere to our Respectful Workplace Policy (which can be found above) and follow CAEA/PACT’s Not in Our Space guidelines (which are found here). In addition to this, as part of our ongoing self-reflection, we will be starting a series of conversations with artists and colleagues (past and present) regarding how we can continue to be a company that nourishes and honours those we work with. If you have thoughts or feedback, feel free to contact

The Repercussion Team