French & English Subtitling

Repercussion Theatre is proud to announce an on-going partnership with Plank Design, as we work to offer our public a unique digital service: live subtitling! Aiming to improve the performance-experience of our audience members, we’re thrilled to offer a web-app that presents the play’s text in an easily accessible format. Shakespearean language isn’t always clear and simple, especially if your mother-tongue isn’t English! The script can be accessed, in English and French, via all mobile devices – making use of the page’s header-menu, you can navigate the text, and choose the desired act and scene.  Alternatively, you can select an act and just start scrolling – you’ll find a link to the next scene at the bottom of the page. To further simplify the navigation of this web-tool, and to ensure that you can follow the action as the play progresses, the scene being acted out on stage will be highlighted in flashing red.

Plank Design has optimised the web-app to use a minimal amount of data – about 2 MB per page-refresh.

As this subtitling site is the first of its kind, we’d love to hear your feedback! Let us know your thoughts about the app’s functionality, and if you find it as fantastic as we do!

To access this subtitling service, visit: