Frequently Asked Questions

Whether this is your first time attending one of our shows or you are a long-time supporter, here are a couple of questions that may help enhance your experience of a Shakespeare-in-the-Park production.

How much does it cost?

All of our shows are free of charge! That said, we do gratefully accept donations. Every donation helps us to keep making quality theatre accessible to all. You can donate by cash, cheque or credit card, onsite or online.


Do I need a ticket?

No. There are no gates or entrances at our shows. You may arrive from all access points to the park and will never be asked to show a ticket. There are also no fees associated with attending our shows, line ups or reservations required. You may arrive or leave at any time.


What if it rains?

The show still goes on outdoors if it drizzles or has intermittent rain. We will stop the show if it poses a threat to the safety of our performers or to the audience (lightning, thunderstorm, etc). We decide whether the show will happen because of weather during the afternoon and will keep you updated on our website and social media channels should the show be cancelled.

Some of our hosts also provides an indoor location in case of rain close to the original point of performance. We will post on our website and social media channels should we choose to relocate indoors, along with instructions on how to find us.

Please check our rain policy page for more information.


Can I bring a lawn chair?

Absolutely! You can bring your own lawn chairs or blankets to enjoy the show. You can also rent one (although prohibited at certain locations) if you have forgotten it or don’t own one.


Is there an accessible area?

The accessibility of each show depends somewhat on the park itself. No matter where we are, one of our friendly park volunteers will be happy to assist you in finding an appropriate spot. Patrons who might require or want extra assistance can call us at 514-931-2644 to reserve an area in advance. Please consult our accessibility page for more information.


Are pets allowed?

It depends on our place of performance. Most of the parks we play at accept pets, but not all. You would have to follow the standard rule of that green space. If the park permits it, we encourage you to bring your pet so the whole family can enjoy the show!


Can I bring my own food?

Totally. We encourage you to do so!  A pre-show picnic will make your experience that much more enjoyable. We also have a concessions stand on site at most locations stacked with yummy snacks and beverages for purchase.


Can I bring a bottle of wine with my picnic?

It depends on the rule of the green space we perform at. We recommend you check with the city or borough of the site you are planning on attending to verify that information as we cannot guarantee its legitimacy.


Do you take debit cards and credit cards on site?

We do! You can purchase your snacks, drinks, merchandise or donate with a card on site!


Are the shows kid-friendly?

Our Shakespeare-in-the-Park shows are certainly family-friendly, but since it’s Shakespeare, there can be some mature content. We recommend the show be attended by children 5 and up, but you are always welcome to bring a child of any age to our shows. The beauty of the casual park setting is that you can always step back from the audience and go to the playground should your children grow restless.


What else should I bring?

We recommend you bring a light sweater or blanket as it sometimes get chilly after the sun sets. We also recommend that you bring bug spray because we are in the outdoors afterall! An umbrella or rain jacket is an excellent thing to pack in case of unexpected light drizzle.


What if I’m not sure I will like it?

You are more than welcome to leave at any moment if you realize the show is not for you.


When does the show start?

All our shows start at 7 pm.


Is there an intermission?

We always have an intermission of about 15 minutes, a little over halfway through the show.


How long does the show last?

It depends on the production, but most of our shows last about 2 hours and 30 minutes, meaning the entire evening, including intermission, lasts about 3 hours.


Are the actors paid?

Yes, they are! We are a professional theatre company and a part of PACT (Professional Association of Canadian Theatre). The actors are paid at CAEA (Canadian Actors’ Equity Association) industry standard. Actually, our entire team (crew, actors, stage managers, concession and volunteer coordinators) are paid. We do, however, also have a lot of volunteers who help us in the concession stand and to hand out programs.


Does the hat collection go to the actors?

Not directly. The actors earn a salary as professional artists paid to them by Repercussion Theatre. The money we collect at intermission goes to the company which then pays the actor a set salary as determined in their contract.


How is Repercussion Theatre funded?

Our income comes from a variety of places. We receive operational governmental grants (Conseil des arts de Montréal, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec), grants specific to the hire of young and emerging/underemployed workers (Canada Summer Jobs, Emploi Quebec) and some touring grants (Conseil des arts de Montreal en tournée). We also receive support from various foundations (Birks Family Foundation, Cole Foundation, Hay Foundation) and some corporations (Hydro Québec, Power Corporation). Finally, we also receive support from individuals who appreciate our programming and donate either on site during a show or through the mail. All those contributions permit us to provide professional, outdoor theatre, in a different location every night, at no cost to the audience.