Repercussion Theatre performs Much Ado About Nothing in their 29th edition of summer theatre

Emily Southwood
Publié le 18 juillet 2017

Quincy Armorer, Dakota Jamal Wellman, Tiernan Cornford and Holly Gauthier-Frankel.

©Studio Baron Photo

Repercussion Theatre will be bringing Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing to Huntingdon’s Grove Hall on July 29th and Hemmingford’s Recreation Center on August 13th.


Shows start at 7pm and can also be seen in many other parks throughout the summer. This year marks the theatre’s 29th season of transporting free, family-friendly Shakespeare performances to Montreal area communities, as a continued mission to deliver professional, classically based, and visually dynamic theatre that is accessible to all.

Theatre-goers can expect to be moved by a lively performance of Much Ado About Nothing, which is a comedy that examines deception and gender inequality through a confluence of plot lines. The production is directed by Repercussion’s Artistic Director, Amanda Kellock, and blends seasoned and emerging actors and designers to create a magical evening of theatre under the stars.

Kellock elaborates on the play’s universal themes. “This play involves good people making bad choices, hurting those they care about and their actions are so extreme it’s hard to imagine any form of reconciliation. But in order to do this play we have to ask ourselves: ‘How do we truly atone for our mistakes? How does forgiveness work? How do we keep moving towards each other, even when it feels impossibly hard?’”

The talented mix of performers who will relay this tale are a carefully selected group. Veteran comedic performer Susan Glover (performing with Repercussion for the first time) will entertain the audience alongside talented debut performers, as well as beloved returning actors from previous seasons. The set has been inspired by Italian Renaissance gardens and costumes borrowed from the joie-de-vivre fashions of post-WW II. The decor and costumes are intended to work in unison to reflect a universe unto itself, complete with original music composed for Shakespeare’s lyrics.

This season of free performances in Montreal-area parks runs from July 13 to August 15. The theatre has continued its expansion into new neighborhoods this year with added performances in Greenfield Park, Town of Mount Royal, LaSalle and Rivière-des-Prairies, as well as Cornwall, Ontario. For more information and a complete list of locations and dates visit the web site at

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