cjad_logoHeadshot Gitanjali JainLast Saturday (segment originally aired July 16), CJAD Radio’s Tracey McKee spoke with Gitanjali Jain (Repercussion’s Mark Antony) about this summer’s Shakespeare-in-the-Park production. Their brief conversation addresses what audiences can expected with Julius Caesar – in terms of stage setting, costuming, and acoustics, as well as the play’s appropriateness for all ages. On this last point, Jain notes the positive feedback from young audience members (particularly girls) who have responded enthusiastically to seeing “women in the roles of power, in the roles of strength”.

The interview also considers the work behind Jain’s portrayal of Mark Anthony, ranging from critical research situating the historical figure of Antony within the context of Classical Roman politics, to the exploration of Anthony’s emotional character.

The interview can be listened to, in full, below: