“Think Mad Max’s Imperator Furiosa and her kick-ass sisterhood deciding to put on a show in a blasted desertscape. […] full of compact power and contained anger […]”
– Jim Burke | Montreal Gazette



The Tragedy of Julius Caesar (2016)

The Play

Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar investigates the fine line between personal ambition and the general good. The play presents a view of Roman politics and civil war where no one is free from reproach, and all are mired in the unnerving moral ambiguity of civil conflict. With an all-female cast, Repercussion’s 2016 production of Julius Caesar also explored the relationship between gender and power.

Six META Nominations! 14095851_642597519243327_7651753717224088535_n

A jury of our theatre-industry peers nominated the 2016 Shakespeare-in-the-Park production for six Montréal English Theatre Awards (METAs)! Learn more

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The Team

Artistic Team

Director: Amanda Kellock

Assistant Director: Jessica Abdallah

Set Designer: Marjolaine Provençal

Costume Designer: Susana Vera

Composer and Percussionist: Catherine Varvaro

Lighting Designer: Crystal Chettiar

Production Staff

Production Manager: Amy-Susie Bradford

Touring Production Manager: Crystal Chettiar

Technical Director: Jesse Lund

Touring Technical Director: Michael Tonus

Stage Manager: Jacynthe Lalonde

Dramaturge : Karen Oberer

Apprentice Stage Manager: Kate Hennigar

Apprentice Stage Manager (Student): Marina Ho

Head of Lighting: Adam Walters

Head of Sound: James Cressaty

Site Technicians: Dustin Kagan-Fleming, Morgan Nerenberg, Mary Reddon

Scenic Painter: Veronique Marcoux

Head Seamstress: Sandra Chirico

Seamstress: Deborah Adams

Seamstress: Maïthe Robert de Massy


(In alphabetical order:)

Deena Aziz – Marcus Brutus

Tamara Brown – Calpurnia/Artimedorus/Lepidus

Miriam Cummings – Cicero/Servant/Octavius

Holly Gauthier-Frankel – Flavius/Portia/Messala

Donnub Jafarzadeh – Marrulus/Decius Brutus/Young Cato

Gitanjali Jain – Mark Antony

Darragh Kilkenny-Mondoux – Cobbler/Cinna the Conspirator/Pindarus

Danette MacKay – Caius Cassius

Samantha Megarry – Carpenter/Lucius-Lucilius

Leni Parker – Julius Caesar

Warona Setshwaelo – Caska/Titinius

Catherine Varvaro – Soothsayer/Cinna the Poet

Parks Visited

July 7: Outremont: Mount Royal Cemetery

July 8: Saint-Laurent: Parc Philippe-Laheurte

July 10: Ville-Marie: Square Cabot

July 12-13: Westmount: Parc Westmount

July 14: Parc Extension: Parc Jarry

July 15: Morin Heights: Parc Basler

July 16: NDG: Parc NDG

July 17: Plateau-Mont-Royal: Parc Jeanne-Mance

July 19: Brossard: Parc Sorbonne

July 20: Kirkland: Parc Ecclestone

July 21: Nuns’ Island: Parc de West Vancouver

July 22: Beaconsfield: Beaconsfield High School

July 23: Knowlton: Plage Douglass

July 24: Saint Bruno: Lac du Village

July 26: Pierrefonds: Parc À-Ma-Baie

July 27: Côte-Saint-Luc: Parc Rembrandt

July 28: Dorval: Parc Pine Beach

July 29: Huntingdon: Grove Hall

July 30-31: Westmount: Parc Westmount

August 2: Ville-Marie: Centre Canadien d’Architecture

August 3: Baie d’Urfé: Centre communautaire Fritz

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