“A must-see event in the summer calendar”
– Neil Boyce, The Montreal Mirror


“Anana Rydvald’s Lady Macbeth was superbly conniving in the first half and absolutely insane in the second.”
– Emily Charlebois, The Charlebois Post


“There’s no shortage of cruelty, treachery, and revenge.”
– Jeff Heinrich, The Gazette

The Play

Witches and ghosts, thunder and lightning, supernatural haunts in the night that arouses fear and treason — William Shakespeare’s great tragedy: Macbeth! The story of one man’s ambition, the natural and supernatural forces that motivate him, and the ill-fated reign he tries to maintain. An audacious journey into one man’s nightmare, Macbeth envelopes you in the tale of how absolute power corrupts… the soul.

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The Team

 Artistic Team

Director: Arianna Bardesono
Costume Designer: Laurence Mongeau
Set Designer: Cassandre Chatonnier
Music Directors: Julian Stein and Max Stein

Production Staff

Production Manager: Chris Hidalgo
Assistant Director: Sophie Gee
Design Consultant: James Lavoie
Composer: Julian Stein
Composer: Max Stein
LX Designer: Ron Morisette
Movement Consultant: Ami Shulman
Text Coach: Bryan Doubt
Technical Director: Gal Minnes
Stage Manager: Michael Panich
Assistant Stage Manager: Eric Savory
Assistant Stage Manager: Claire Rothman
Head of Lighting: Andrew Leeke
Site Technician: Andrea Joy Rideout
Concession Manager: Cody Dyck
Technical Consultant: Louis Fredette
Head of Wardrobe: Jez Yung

The Cast 

(In alphabetical order:)
Nathan Barrett – Malcolm, Witch, Murderer
Attila Clemann – Macduff, Witch
Karl Graboshas, Banquo – Seargent, Doctor
Tim Hine, Duncan, Porter – Murderer, Seyward
Paul Hopkins – Macbeth
Chala Hunter – Lennox
Dustin Kagan-Fleming – Macduff’s Son, Fleance
Samantha Megarry – Lady Macduff, Anchor, Angus, Seyward’s son
Anana Rydvald – Lady Macbeth
Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski – Ross, Witch

Parks Visited

Production toured 19 shows to 16 parks. Attendance: 9945.

July 28: Dorval: Parc Pine Beach
July 29: Outremont: Mount Royal Cemetery
July 30: Ville-Marie: Square Cabot
August 2-3: Westmount: Westmount Park
August 4: Verdun: Parc George O’Reilly
August 5: Pierrefonds: East Community Centre
August 6: Parc Lafontaine: Théàtre de Verdure
August 7: NDG: Parc NDG
August 9: Hudson: Parc Thompson

August 10: Kirkland: Parc Ecclestone August 11: Côte-Saint-Luc: Parc Pierre-Elliot Trudeau August 12: Senneville: Parc Senneville August 13: Morin Heights: Mont Bellevue August 14: Saint-Laurent: Parc Philippe-Laheurte August 16: Parc Extension: Parc Howard August 19: Beaconsfield: Centennial Park August 20-21: Westmount: Parc Westmount