Accessibility – Pine Beach Park

Accessibility information gathered by Corrina Hodgson. Please note that these notes are based on her experience and are subject to change.

Sign for the park is dark (black writing on dark wood) and unlit. Difficult to see.


Public Transit
There is a bus stop at the entrance to the park for bus #209.


Parking is at the bottom of Pine Beach at Bord-du-Lac in a free public lot. There are two accessible spots. The accessible spots are approximately 50m from the entrance to the park and probably about 300m from where Repercussion plays.



There is a paved path that is even and could be used by a scooter, chair or stroller. There are no colour contrasts or railings lining the path. There are no stairs along the path.

Curbs to the road are smoothed for transition.


There are no public washrooms. There are 2 port-a-potties currently on the site. I don’t know if these are permanent. They are (obviously) not accessible.



There are functional water fountains throughout the park.

There is a lake at the bottom of the park.