Accessibility – Hodgson Field

Accessibility information gathered by Corrina Hodgson. Please note that these notes are based on her experience and are subject to change.

Public Transit
The field is 1.1km from Montreal West Station


Parking is immediately in front of the field. There are approximately 30 spaces. 1 is designated as disabled, but it is currently barrée.
There is a rink beside the field that also has parking and has 1 disabled spot.
The ground of the parking are is street asphalt and flat.
The curb between parking and the field is pronounced and there is no colour or texture delineation.
There are only a few spots where it’s been flattened and you could get a walker or stroller easily over the curb into the park.


This is a large, fairly flat field with grass surface
There is no path, no stairs, no railing


There are 2 sets of stadium lights in the park.


If the pool area is open, there are indoor bathrooms and a change room (gendered) there. None of the bathrooms or sinks are accessible


There is a bike rack behind the portables, by the front doors to the rink.
There is no water fountains, but there are sinks with running water if the pool bathrooms are open.