Accessibility – Ecclestone Park

Accessibility information gathered by Corrina Hodgson. Please note that these notes are based on her experience and are subject to change.

Ecclestone Park in Kirkland has some wooden signage, but it is unlit and would be difficult to see from afar.


Public Transit
It’s a 10 minute walk from the 207 bus.


Note that Argyle is under construction and really badly torn up. There is no parking on Argyle right now.

There is parking on Granada St, and there is one disabled spot about 25m from the entrance to the park. The park is quite large, so it depends where you play as to how far it is from the actual stage.


The entrance from Granada has an interlocking brick pathway that is pretty even but has some grass/moss growth between the bricks.
The entrance from the other side (I think it’s Lausanne street?) is paved. Older pavement, but way smoother than the interlocking brick.
There are no stairs or ramps.


The interlocking brick/paved pathway is unlit and does not have any colour contrast or railings on the edges.
There is stadium lighting in the park. I asked the pool staff and they think the lights come on automatically every night.
There is no lighting directly in the parking area, but there is street lighting across the street from parking.


The bathrooms are located in the green chalet about 300m from the park on Argyle. Bathrooms may be closed at night.

A portable bathroom is available on show nights.

There is parking for bikes in the pool, which are reserved for people using the pool.
There are 2 garbage bins at the entrance to the park, and 1 recycling bin in the park.
I did not observe any water fountains in the park.
There is a playground attached to the park.