Accessibility – Centennial Park (Beaconsfield)

Accessibility information gathered by Corrina Hodgson. Please note that these notes are based on her experience and are subject to change.

It is a small, flat park in front of a body of water

Parc Centennial has next to no signage.


Public Transit
The  405 ouest stops 180 meters from the park


There is parking immediately in front of the park. There are no spots designated as disabled parking. There are maybe 12 spots total.
The parking lot has at least one light.


The park is about 200m from the road. There is an asphalt path from the road to the park. The path is lit and slopes gently downward towards the park.
The path is lit, but has no colour or texture demarcation on the sides, and no railings.
There are no steps or stairs.
The ground in the parking lot is paved, but has not been maintained so it is bumpy.
There is a somewhat paved path in the park, but it’s made up of old sidewalk squares. Again, this has not been maintained and is uneven, cracked and bumpy. It would be difficult to push any kind of wheels on it.


There are 8+ garbage cans and 6+ recycling bins.

There is a hand sanitizer station