Accessibility – Parc à Ma Baie

Accessibility information gathered by Corrina Hodgson. Please note that these notes are based on her experience and are subject to change.

There is virtually no signage for this park, so finding it is challenging. This park is difficult to find because it’s more like a field behind a school, flanked by two municipal buildings.


Public Transit
You can go to Gare Sunnybrooke and walk 300 meters to the park


Both municipal buildings have disabled parking but these spots are situated to be close to the entrance of the buildings, which are farthest from the park.

Parking in the disabled parking spots would situate you at least 150m from the entrance to the park.


There is no paved surface or pathway.
There are no handrails.
There are no stairs.
The terrain is grass and it’s pretty even.


There are huge stadium lights but they aren’t always on.


There are no bathrooms in this park, but the two municipal buildings do have washrooms.



There are no water fountains