Each summer, Repercussion Theatre and Geordie Productions team up to engage youth in an important part of English culture: Shakespeare-in-the-Park.  Workshop(s) take place before a number of our shows, and give teens and pre-teens from various backgrounds an opportunity to explore the world of Shakespeare and the play to be presented that night.

A bit about Repercussion and Geordie

sitplogo_hr700x523Repercussion Theatre is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring live professional theatre of classically based plays to audiences across Montreal and the surrounding areas and render it accessible to all regardless of income, culture, language, age or education.  We have been delighting audiences for over 25 years.



Geordie Productions is a Montreal based Theatre Company which is also a non-profit organization and aims to spark thought and interest for theatre amongst audiences of all ages. Geordie Productions is involved in theatre for youth with their yearly school tour as well as the Geordie Theatre School program. Geordie productions have been a leading professional theatre company since 1980.

About the Shakespeare Before the Show Workshops

The workshops are dedicated to a different age group each year, and aim to inspire young people and increase their appreciation and understanding of Shakespeare as well as to involve them in the Shakespeare-in-the-Park tour. The workshops take place during the afternoon on the day of the show, and are be led by a professional actor/teacher. Participants are taught about different aspects of Shakespearian Theatre such as rhythm and stage combat, and work together to create a short performance that is presented before the evening’s show begins. Participants in the workshop also get the chance to meet the acting company during a backstage visit.

These workshops were a success in 2014 and 2015, and we will be announcing the 2017 instalment of this great initiative in the Spring!

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