Summer 2000: The Comedy of Errors, William Shakespeare

Production toured 21 shows to 15 parks.

Artistic Team

Director: Kevin Orr
Original Set Design: Marie-France Labbe
Costume Design: James Lavoie

The Cast

(In alphabetical order:)
Corina Akeson – Abbess
Florence Ballard – Adriana
Jackie Chanu – Courtezan
Michael Dufays – Dromio of Ephesus/Fight Captain
Aaron George – Officer
Kerby Joe Grubb – Antipholus of Syracuse
Daniel Krolik – Angelo, Pinch
Fanny Lucia – Luciana
Jason McCollough – Joe Boxer
Michael McLeister – Egeon, Neil
Seth Ranaweera – Merchant 1& 2
Ian R. Simpson – Antipholus of Ephesus
Steven Townshend – Dromio of Syracuse

Summer 2000: Romeo & Juliet, William Shakespeare

Production toured 39 shows in 25 parks.

Artistic Team

Director: Cas Anvar
Original Set Design: Joseph Browns
Costume Design: James Lavoie

The Cast

(In alphabetical order:)
Corina Akeson – Lady Capulet
Florence Ballard – Queen
Jackie Chanu – Nurse
Michael Dufays – Romeo/Fight Captain
Aaron George – Tybalt
Kerby Joe Grubb – Balthasar/Understudy
Daniel Krolik – Peter/Friar John
Fanny Lucia – Juliet
Jason McCollough – Paris
Michael McLeister – Friar Lawrence/Montague
Seth Ranaweera – Capulet
Ian R. Simpson- Mercutio
Steven Townshend – Benvolio

Summer 2001: Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare

Production toured to 18 parks.

“It’s a little bit Shakespeare, it’s a little bit circus, it’s a little bit show biz, but it’s all Repercussion.”
– Gaetan Charlebois , Montreal Hour

Artistic Team

Director: Jack Langedijk
Costume Design: James Lavoie
Original Set Design: Carrie Foster

The Cast

(In alphabetical order:)
Corina Akeson – Maria
Keith Barker – Sebastien & Lester
Jessica Bashline – Olivia
Brendan Gall – Malvolio
Jody Hewston – Sir Toby
Nicholas Lauriault – Antonio/ Larry
Charlotte Northest – Viola
Mark Peiklo – Lou
Michael Posthumus – Orsino/Sir Andrew
Laura Smith – Lola
Kelly Heward, Jesse Todd, and Harmony Trowbridge – Understudies

Summer 2002: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

Production toured to 14 parks.

“This play is what theatre should be — smart, irreverent, and when done right, riotously funny.”
– Gaetan Charlebois, The Montreal Gazette

“The spirits of Robin Williams, Monty Python and Martin Short [were] flowing out of three fabulously delirious actors…”
– Scott Taylor, The Chronicle

Artistic Team

Director: Alain Goulem
Costume Designer: Suzanna Ficher

The Cast

(In alphabetical order:)
Jesse Dwyre – Understudy
Paul Van Dyck – Daniel
Tadhg McMahon – Adam
Jacob Richmond – Jess

Summer 2003: The Lost Play, Jacob Richmond, Tadhg McMahon, Paul Van Dyck

Production toured to 14 parks. Attendance : 11,408.

“Imaginatively directed by Alain Goulem… and energetically acted by the three
buffoons who play some zillion roles… the lunacy of that odd and delightful play
within a play that so nicely mulches all of Shakespeare together to a twisted T.”
– Gaetan L. Charlebois, The Montreal Gazette

“This tale is not, in fact, ‘told by an idiot.’ There’s a lot of talent behind it…”
– Amy Barratt, Montreal Mirror

Artistic Team

Director: Alain Goulem
Costume design: James Lavoie
Set and puppets: Nelly Bobeva

The Cast

(In alphabetical order:)
Paul Van Dyck – Actor
Tadhg McMahon – Actor
Jacob Richmond – Actor

Summer 2004: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare

Production toured 23 shows to 16 parks. Attendance: 9,341.

Artistic Team

Director: Kevin Orr
Production Designer: James Lavoie

The Cast

(In alphabetical order:)
Aimee Ambroziak – Apprentice Troubadour
Geoffrey Appelbaum – Demetrius
Joseph Bellerose – Quince/Egeus
Paul Van Dyck – Bottom
Job Daniel Galaz – Understudy
Aaron George – Puck
Matthew Kabwe – Flot
Amanda Kellock – Helena
Tristan D. Lalla – Theseus/Oberon
Thomas Malone – Lysander
Helen Prandekas – Snug
Alisha Ruiss – Apprentice Troubadour
Amelia Sargisson – Hermia
Emily Shelton – Hyppolita/Titania
Lita Tresierra – Troubadour