Year after year the success of our tour relies on all of the dedicated people who help make it happen, and year after year these people shine. A big thank you to all of our volunteers, donors, foundations, corporate sponsors, and government funders for helping to keep Repercussion alive.

We’ve recently updated our donor title and benefits. Please check out the handy graphic to see all of the different levels and perks available!


How does donation work at Repercussion Theatre?

Categories of donor support:

  • $25 – $99 Chorus
  • $100 – $249 Supporting Role
  • $250 – $499 Featured Player
  • $500 – $999 Leading Role
  • $1,000 – $4,999 Protagonist
  • $5,000 – $9,999 Ambassador
  • $10,000 – $14,999 Champion
  • $15,000 Patron

Donors will receive:

  • A tax receipt for the full amount*
  • Our bi-annual newsletter
  • Listing on Repercussion’s Donors Page
  • The perks associated with the title if applicable

*Tax receipts will be issued for all donations of $25 or more.

How can you become a donor?

Call: 514-931-2644
Mail: 460 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Suite 704 Montreal, Quebec H3B 1A7. Make cheque payable to “Repercussion Theatre”.
Web: Click here or visit website and enter “Repercussion Theatre”. They can process your credit card donation in complete security. Once we receive notification of your support, we will send your tax receipt and other relevant documents directly to you.

Incorporation date: October 6, 1989
Charity number: 125098871RR0001

Here are our lovely 2016-2017 donors:
(with our previous titles)

Patron ($500+) & Foundation

Victor Eiser
Louise-Anne Poirier
Birks Family Foundation
J.W. McConnell Foundation
David Tarr
Christopher Winn
The Zeller Family Foundation

Featured Player ($100-$499)

Aino Arik
Theresa Benedek
Robin Berlyn
Trevor Bishop
Douglas Bowie
Jack Buksbaum
Michael Jake Chadwick
Deborah Cohen
Caroline Cyr La Rose
Anita David
Pierre Dessain
John Evans
Karl Gagne
Hannah Gilkenson
Helen Budd Hanna
Margo Heron
Ingrid Hings

John Hoblyn
Anne Holloway
Inez Holzbaur
Ann Laughlin
Leanore Lieblein
Irene Lipper
Miryam MacDuff
Nancy Maklan
Paula Moser
Caroline Nabozniak
Bernd Nennemann
Eleanor Noble
Jadis Norman
Sara O’Brien
Gael O’Shaughnessy
M Palmer

Joyce Pickering
Christopher H. Pickwoad
Thomas Richards
Catherine Rideout
Julian Sargisson
Johanna Schalkwyk
Duncan Shaddick
Barry Shapiro
Jonathan Simons
Corinne Smith
Louis Spritzer
Jean Stutsman
Roy Surette
Toni Thayer
Dorothy Thomas-Edding
Leila Timber
Brigid Wilkinson

Supporting Role ($25-$99)

Eric Abbadie
George K. Ajemian
Gwynneth A. Allen
Bela Antal
Victoria Atkinson
Myriam Bailbe
Margaret Baratta
Charlene Barber
Richard Baylis
Xavier Belanger
Alex Benjamin
Jean Remi Brabant
Chad Bradley
Laurie Breger
Nora Brown
Pepita Capriolo
Eric Charest
Brian Chernoff
Maria Cippone
Terence Coderre
Peter Cook
Louis Couturier
Gary Cullen
Phyllis Cumas
Madeleine Decelles
Cathy De Luca
Barbara Discenza
Herbert Dobrinski
Barbara Dollis
Carolyn Dooge
Anthea Downing
Anita Dunn
Karen Ekdahl
Carl Emond
Rowan Fish
Barbara Flam
Michael Fleming
G.I.G Fowler
Norma Fox
Diana Frizzle
Michael Fulton
Mr & Mrs R. Gehr
Marlene Giordani
Johane Granata
Christopher Green
Vivien Grenier
Dipti Gupta
Adam Gwjazda-Amsel
Louisa Hadley
Nancy Hale
Sandy Hamilton
Stephen Hamilton
Bethany Hartropp
Miriam Hartropp
Brenda Hartwell
Raymond Harvey
Clifford Hastings

Gwen Heinrich
John Hoblyn
Danny Hoelscher
Bernadette Hojabri
Jennifer & Timothy Hornyak
Eleanor Hynes
John H Jones
Kris Kagerer
Judy Keenan
Alan Khazam
Johanne L’Heureux
Magali Lachapelle
Gillian Ladd
Alvin Lam
Eileen Langevin
Alouette Lark
Carla Laufer
Andre Lavoie
Claude Leboeuf
Pamela Lee
Sharon Lee
Marianne Leger Seguin
Francine Lemire
Sybil Levine
Kathryn Lexow
Kathe Lieber
Heather M. Lightfoot
Eric Lillie
Jane Litwack
J. Leslie MacDonald
Roger MacLean
Greg & Maria Lise MacVicar
Nowlen Mahe
Terrence Maher
Alan Marjerrison
Fabrice Marrandola
Jean Martel
Michel Martin
Pierre Martin
Katherine Mayhew
Carlo Mestroni
Julie Mooney
Toby Morantz
Cerise Morris
Beryl Moser
Charity Mulalelu
C.R. Muller
Konrad Muncs
Caroline Nalbantoglu
Marilyn & Paul Nayer
R.T. and Sandra Newton
Christopher and Lorette
Mario Normandin
Gwen Norsworthy
Arthur Nussbaum
Harriet Nussbaum

Elizabeth Olley
Albert Kevin Pask
Nicola Pelly
Nancy Pereira
Jacqueline Pereira-duknic
Dominique Perron
Elfriede Petzwinkler
Liette Pilon
Elizabeth Pirenneau
Lewis Poulin
Joanne Provost
Alison Ramsey
Robert Rankin
Michael Rasminsky
W.B. Remington
Nathalie Remond
Verna Richardson
Zaak Robichaud
Margaret Ronald
Penny Rose
Marvin Rotrand
Mary Rutherford
Jim Sanderson
Aaron Schmit
David Schulze
Elisabeth Seignette
Ijaz Shaieb
Barry Shapiro
Michael Simpson
Phyllis Sise
Andrea Smith
Linda Sybionak
David Tabakow
Marilyn Takefman
Beverlea Tallant
Jana Taylor
Peter Tellier
Alan Templeton
Benoit Tiffou
John and Linda Toivanen
Marjorie Tree
Alfredo Tutino
Krista Urban
Kathy VanBronswyk
Rahul Varma
Guillaume Veillette
Udaya Vepakomma
Robert Waldren
Nancy Walkling
Shirley Wallace
Derek Walsh
J. Fraser Wilkinson
David Woodbury
May Yeung
Elizabeth Yorski
Raffi Youmayan

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